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Glocal Aid exists to contribute education and healthcare to people in need, in order to increase their quality of life and create long lasting change.

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Brief history

Glocal Aid was founded in 2012 from the strong desire to contribute help to people in need. The importance of engaging globally to bring help and sustainability to vulnerable areas became clear to us, and from there the road to action was short.
Since the startup, Glocal Aid has been involved in several projects in different countries. Economical support and education has been given to the battle against female genital mutilation, and support has been given to a microfinance project that provides opportunities for a better future for people suffering from poverty.


What Glocal Aid is doing today

Since 2016 the focus of Glocal Aid has been on India and education for children and youth. Glocal Aid works together with local schools, providing education for several hundred elementary and high school students in the Uttar Pradesh province. Our main partner in this project is Zinzino Charity.

First goal - providing education for 500 children

500 Students

Second goal - providing education for 750 children

750 Students

Ebenezer school

During the fall of 2015 and winter of 2016, the focus of Glocal Aid was to assure the quality and prepare for this project in India. The school year started late spring 2016 and so the support of the project began. We were thrilled to see 285 students start the new year, out of a maximum capacity of 500 students. For the future we aim to fill this schools capacity, and from there expand to new areas.

When the students came to start school they were filled with enthusiasm seeing the new school-equipment. Every student received a notebook, textbooks, a schoolbag and a full pencil case. They also received their own school uniform, something that has made them proud and grateful for the possibility to get an education.

The staff works hard to give the children a good education, so that they can have the possibility of a better life. The school building is also being renovated with fresh paint of the entire building, and new fans to the classrooms to better the indoor conditions. The staff’s offices are still to be improved, and a welcome area for parents and guests is also in progress.

Noel Bezaleel – the headmaster of the school

Noel Bezaleel has worked at Ebenezer School since the opening, and he has been the headmaster the last 15 years. He has a Masters degree in school management and education, and has his heart set on helping kids and youth.

His dream is to see thousands of young Indians grow up achieving knowledge and get better possibilities in the future, thanks to education. Especially the underprivileged children who often lack the rights and opportunities for schooling are important to Noel, and Ebenezer School wants to make a difference for these children in the city of Karwi.

Kukurah School

In north-east India, Bihar district, you find Kukurah village. It has about 90 000 living there, in a very poor area. April of 2018, Glocal Aid with partners decided to start up a new school to help more families. At start-up the school was allowed to have 100 students. That peaked before opening, and has now a total of 105 students.

Rupali Singh – the headmaster of the school

Rupali Singh is a teacher and the one in charge at the school. She has seven years of teaching experience, primarily with primary students. Mrs. Singh is working as a teacher at Shalem Convent School, and also taking care of the everyday activities.

The school has a total of three teachers and five other employees who run the school and takes care of everything else. This varies from receptionist to security guard, and everything in between.

It is great to see the enthusiasm and the willing hearts for education in the students. The teachers say that the improvement from starting up in April 2018 to the end of the year, has been an improvement of 40%. Many of them could not read or write Hindi at all when they started, and are now learning rapidly. Parents also see great changes in their children.


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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela

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Past Projects

Anti Female Genital Mutilation

Glocal Aid has participated in the fight for women’s rights and the fight against FGM of young girls. Funds that we’ve raised has contributed to making a difference i Kenya. The aim of this project is to mobilize local churches in South-Kenya and at the same time prevent child- and forced marriage.

Every December there is a big gathering to celebrate the transfer from girl to woman with a circumcise ritual. The project Glocal Aid worked with decided to make an alternative celebration. 612 girls participated in this positive celebration of becoming a woman. The evaluation from 2014 shows great progress and the methods that has been used has been both innovative and has had great impact.

The project reaches out to thousands of people, and in 2014 we have 90 volunteers working together with schools, authorities, churches and local leaders to stop this horrible practice. In 2014 we saw a decrease in number of girls being forced to marriage in a young age and also the number of girls being circumcised has decreased.

Tuinuane women project

Glocal Aid supported in 2013 a microfinance project in Kenya called Tuinuane. By the end of 2014 this project had over 26 000 participants. The project, which is now 10 years old, has reached out to local communities in 75% of Kenya and about 280 000 people has been helped to a better life.

The strategy to inspire women to raise funds, increase their independence and create sustainable progress has proven to work. The poverty in these areas has decreased when women and families becomes better at business and management.

The explanation of the increase of participants and groups over the last years is actually because already existing group multiplies. The main focus in 2014, the year after Glocal aid came in as a partner, was sustainability and supervising. The project has been strengthened and proved through educational programs and personal counselling of 450 workers.