Newsletter – August/September/October 2017

In mid-August, a team from Norway came to visit. When they arrived Ebenezer School, the children had planned a welcoming day for them with flowers, dancing, singing and speeches to make them feel welcome. Later, the visitors went around in the different classes, joined and interacted with the children.

The temperature is still very high, up to 40 degrees °C during the day, but the school is still running as normal.

In the previous months the children at Nav Jeevan and Ebenezer School, have been through the Trimester Examinations. The students have been very nervous and they´ve studied hard for these exams. When all the exams are over, the school has decided to reward the most admirable student in each class with a certificate and a gift for his/her achievements. This was done so that the students would be motivated and to give their best.

Many different classrooms were being used to do the exams at the same time, and all the different classes were mixed to minimize the chance of cheating. The staff did an incredible job setting this up and organizing this in a smooth way. There was one teacher per room on the exam day. However, there were two teachers for the biggest exam room and also for the youngest classes because they needed more guidance in order to understand the tasks.

All the students worked hard to do their best and to be the best in their class, even the youngest who are only 2,5-3 years old, and new to this experience.

In the time period after the exam, the teachers are correcting and grading the exams. The results will be registered individually for each student and in the School Report Cards.

October 2., Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated at Ebenezer School. Jayanti means the birth of the father of the nation Mahatma Ghandi. The day started with the Headmaster raising the flag and then he shared Gandhi related slogans were recited by some of the staff. Then they all sang the National Anthem together.

In the classrooms, the teachers had put up posters of Ghandi and Lal Bahadur Shastri to pay their respect. Lal Bahadur Shastri is the second Prime Minister of India and a person who fought for the freedom movement.

The Headmaster shared about the impact these two people had on India. How Ghandi´s work ended with freedom from being a British colony over 200 years. Everyone in the staff were impressed and encouraged to hear about these two people and what they have achieved, and took an oath to follow the teachings of Ghandi to strive for a better tomorrow. This includes supporting non-violence and to show love for fellow humans. To end the day, they finished with a tea party arranged by the School Management.