Newsletter – Summer 2017

Students profile

Kiran Devi is a student in 3rd grade at Ebenezer school. She is from a poor family and because of health care issues, her father passed away last year. Kiran got the chance to join Ebenezer school through the scholarship from Glocal Aid. The young girl showed great interest in school and studies, and she was determined not to let her circumstances push her down. Her dream is to be a police officer, to serve people who are struggling and who no one pays attention to. Kiran now lives with her mom and grandfather in Devangana in a house made of concrete and mud. They are so thankful for Glocal Aid and all their partners, who give Kiran a chance to get education.

Preeti Devi is 12 years old and comes from Karwi Tehsil. She is the oldest of four siblings. When the family heard about the program at Ebenezer school, the father got all his children into the program. The family is living off a few goats to cover their expenses, which is why the whole family is so thankful for the opportunity to have all their children in Glocal Aids program. Preeti wants to become a teacher when she grows up, and continue the good work Glocal Aid and their partners have started.


Ebenezer school life

The months of May and June, the school has been run as normal, but it’s been very warm. Some students have gotten sick, which has led to fewer students at the school this month. This month is also the peak of the harvest time in India and all family members help. The staff at Ebenezer school, 17 teachers in total, have therefore done “house visits” the past month to encourage the parents to send their children to school despite the hot weather. At this point the school has students who live as far as 25 kilometres from the school.

Late spring, Ebenezer school hosted a Health Awareness Camp and Prize Distribution Ceremony. Visitors from Norway came to take part, and the event started with a lot of singing and dancing. Later on, the visitors from Norway handed the students medals and certificates for their outstanding and excellent attitude and cooperation to school activities. Two doctors who work in Karwi came to share with the children how they can take precautions to not get sick in the heat. They also examined some of the kids and gave them instructions for what to do if they got sick.


All the students are excited to move up a grade this year and they will all receive school equipment after their summer break. The new session began in April, and started out with a focus on getting to know each other better. Because of the high temperatures, the students have spent most of the time indoors coloring, painting, reading poems and other activities.


The festival “raksha-bandhan” was celebrated the second week of August. This is celebrated all over India, and is about the bond between a sister and a brother. The sister ties a thread around her brother’s wrist, and in return the brother promises to provide protection, love and care the coming days. At the school, the festival started out with the headmaster and the teachers telling the children about the meaning and the importance of this festival. After this, all the children participated in the ritual and they all seemed to enjoy it.

August 15th, India celebrated its 70th Independence Day. This was a proud day for the whole staff and all the students at Ebenezer and Nav Jeevan who celebrated this day together. The day began with a parade around the streets. When they came back to the school they all watched the flag being raised, and afterwards they sang the National Anthem, “Jan Gan Man”. After this, all the children were given school equipment and clothes by the headmaster at the school and they were very excited. The school´s celebration of the Independence Day ended with eating candy as the parents came to pick up their kids from school.