Newsletter – 1st Quarter of 2017

As winter came to Karwi, all of the 285 students at Ebenezer school received their new school uniform. Warmer clothing, socks and shoes helps them to stay comfortable and focused in school. Thanks to the support from Glocal Aid, partnering with Zinzino Charity, this was made possible.

As the students approached the end of the semester, it was time for a period of exams. In Hindi, mathematics, natural science, history, geography, English, Sanskrit, computer technology, ethics and arts they went through various tests over the course of two weeks. This is a demanding but important part of the school year, and the results were positive. We see a great learning desire in the students, and they work hard to get good results. Then, right before the Christmas-break, the students put a special program together. Parents, family and city officials were invited to a wonderful event where local dancing, drama and performance took place.

In January, school started a little late due to the extreme cold weather. Then, all the students participated in celebrating the national holiday called Republic Day. It honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect on January 26th 1950.
In February and March classes were taught day by day, and the student attendance was good. The school year in India ends early April, so by the end of March is was time for final exams. All of the staff and students have worked hard to get the best possible results in all the subjects taught. A special bonus has also been promised to the students who excel in their class, which has created a greater motivation for learning in the school.

A total of 15 teachers are working at Ebenezer school, including two new teachers who came on staff this spring to work with the younger students. We are experiencing great gratitude in the city for the work done, and the schools good reputation is growing fast.


Two students at Ebenezer School:

Name: Poonam Devi (to the right in the picture)
Class: Preschool
Age: 5 years

Mr.Rameshi is a poor man who lives near to Ebenezer school campus. Through a neighbor he heard of the opportunity to get education for his children at Ebenezer, with the support of Glocal Aid, partnering with Zinzino Charity. He applied, and was overjoyed when his daughter and two sons were enrolled. Poonam Devi is 5 years old and will begin in 1st class this spring. This year she has been part of Ebenezers preschool program, and she has made great progress.

The family owns a small piece of land, working as farmers, but due to the severe drought in the region they have gotten poor crops and little income. The father could therefore not afford education for his children, but now that this external support has been provided the future feels brighter for the whole family.


Name: Rekha Devi (to the left in the picture)
Class: 2. grade
Age: 7 years

Rekha Devi is the daughter of Mr. Birbal who lives in the village of Sonepur. Mr. Birbal has three children and he got them admitted to Ebenezer school thanks to the support program of Glocal Aid, partnering with Zinzino Charity.

Mr. Birbal if a carpenter by profession, but since he does not have any shop to display his goods he creates small kinds of furniture and earns a meager sum of money to support his family of five people. Now, after studying at Ebenezer for nearly a year Rekha Devi and her siblings are thrilled by the good education and new opportunities provided to them, and the family is now more optimistic for the future than before.